The Road To Bench Press 300 Starts Here

Bench press

Why bench press 300? as a result of it is a lot of attention-grabbing answer to the last word lifting question. you recognize the one. as a result of it is the distinction between “Sure, I lift” and “No, serious: I elevate.” as a result of the bench press is that the final upper-body mass and strength builder, and obtaining stronger at it causes you to larger and stronger, period.

Listen, repping with 2 plates is nice. for many of individuals, it’s enough. however, once you are knock on the door of 3 plates, you are formally obtaining somewhere.

This arrange can get you there. Follow every sweat exactly—every rep, with the burden, specified—and you okay may push your strength ceiling even higher.

On your next chest day, try this, the primary sweat from anaerobic’s Bench press three hundred programs all told Access, and acquire able to build a next-level bench!

Bench press

Am I robust Enough For This Plan?

Bench press three hundred is intended for a lifter UN agency will do a minimum of 225 for a few of unpolluted sets of five. In different words, 225 with no wiggling, serious struggles, or facilitate from a spotter. All five reps ought to be sleek and comparatively simple.

If you are not there, however, continue tested strength building programs till you’re. Then you will be able to thrive on a specialization program like this.

Should I take a look at My 1RM Before Or throughout This Program?

Nope! assume “reps,” not “rep.” As long as you’ll be able to do no-doubt reps with 225 at the beginning of the program, you do not got to recognize what your true one-rep Georgia home boy (1RM) is. Even powerlifters seldom take a look at their 1RM.

However, if you wish to understand your 1RM, it isn’t exhausting to search out—and you do not got to do a brutal 1RM take a look at to try and do it. simply use anaerobic’s One-Rep Georgia home boy calculator, and place in an exceedingly weight you’ll be able to handle for 3-5 non-life-endangering reps. That’ll offer you an astonishingly correct estimate of your 1RM strength.

If you would like to trace your 1RM on multiple lifts over time and take them with you where you go, you’ll be able to additionally transfer our 1RM calculator app.

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Would i actually like A Bench press Specialization Program?

Not everybody will. Some lifters will attain serious levels of strength by doing nothing quite three sets of 8-10 reps or five sets of five, and bumping up the weights over time. For many, several others, that works to a point—usually somewhere between 225 and 265. At that time, they expertise a strength highland that may last months or maybe years.

When that happens, you need to specialize to a particular degree to induce stronger once more. Note: “Specialize” doesn’t suggest you may do nothing, however, bench for twelve weeks—far from it! All it means that is that following this program, and benching three hundred pounds, is your major goal for that amount of your time. Everything else is secondary, thus dial it back a small amount and devote your real coaching passion here.

Bench Press

Your Next-Level Bench Plan

In your initial Bench three hundred sweat, you will be victimization weights that you just will possibly handle, painful up some quality reps before things get extremely serious many weeks from currently.

Wondering if you ought to solely try this sweat once a week? What to try and do with the remainder of your workouts? however wide to grip the bar or what bench accessories will assist you to build the foremost of this program? explore the coaching summary in Bench press three hundred before you un-rack one bar. Also, get the in-depth directions on the readying below within the readying and quality summary.

Today, if you discover yourself troubled mightily to hit the reps on any explicit set, stop one in need of failure and check out a rest-pause. Rack the burden, rest for simply fifteen seconds, and hit another single. Repeat till you have hit your reps—with a spotter shut by!

Warm-up: Foam roll chest, triceps, lats, body part spine 30-60 sec. apiece

The following step is that follows:-

1.Warm-Up Circuit: three rounds, very little rest between movements
Shoulder Dislocation Stretch-Dowel
10 reps

15-20 reps (pausing momentarily with a chest on the ground)

Band Pull Apart
20-30 reps

2.Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip
Ramp-up sets
   1 set, five reps with an empty bar (rest 30-60 sec.)
   1 set, five reps with a hundred thirty-five pounds (rest 30-60 sec.)
   1 set, five reps with 185 pounds (rest 30-60 sec.)

3.Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip
   1 set, five reps with 225 pounds (rest 2-3 min.)
   1 set, four reps with 205 pounds (rest 2-3 min.)
   1 set, five reps with 185 pounds (rest 2-3 min.)

4.Barbell Incline Bench Press Medium-Grip
   1 set, nine reps with a hundred thirty-five pounds (rest 2-3 min.)
   1 set, eight reps with one hundred fifteen pounds (rest 2-3 min.)

5.Parallel Bar Dip
   1 set, thirteen reps with no additional weight
   1 set, seven reps with no additional weight

6.Dumbbell Flyes
If you cannot meet the rep vary with the suggested weight, step down ten or a lot of pounds. do not be a hero and injure yourself. nobody cares what quantity you’ll be able to dumbbell fly!
1 set, five reps with sixty pounds
1 set, half-dozen reps with forty-five pounds
1 set, ten reps with thirty pounds

If that sweat causes you to feel strong—and able to feel stronger—great! that is what the primary day of any program ought to desire. Weeks a pair of through twelve of Bench press three hundred square measure structured similarly to this workout: specific weights for every rep, each day. you may alternate serious bench days with serious incline days, giving your body only enough selection to induce savagely robust and feel nice.

To follow the total 12-week Bench press three hundred programs, simply register for anaerobic All Access!

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