Pro-Pump Chest Workout

Chest workout

ProSupps-sponsored athlete and four-time Olympia physique contender Jason Poston is incredibly clear on what separates this chest workout from the remainder.

“The goal of this chest exercise is to realize the simplest pump possible,” explains Poston. “We’re not doing only one set so resting; we’re doing bands, supersets, dropsets—anything it takes to force a lot of blood into the chest.”

This high-volume, high-pump exercise hits every angle of the chest and takes regarding her from beginning to end. By the end, you’ll have hit your chest from literally every angle possible. this is often an exercise you’ll do year-round—and tweak any means you would like to fit your goal.

After putting your pecs through this punishing routine, you may walk out the gymnasium door with an amazing pump!

Six Technique Tips of the chest workout

  1. Dumbbell Chest Press
  2. Resistance Band Press
  3. Incline Barbell Press
  4. Machine Chest Fly
  5. Resistance Band Chest Fly
  6. Low Cable Fly

Define the technique and follow my instruction chest workout

1.Dumbbell Chest Press

 Dumbbell Chest Press chest workout

This move is nice for building the chest, says Poston. First, take a pleasant wide stance with your feet. Then, arch your back and keep your chest up high, compression your pecs as you press up the weights. Keep your elbows tucked in throughout every working set.

2.Resistance Band Press

Resistance Band Press chest workout

The explosive band press will a good job of striking your fast-twitch muscle fibers, in keeping with Poston. It’s powerful to maneuver dumbbells quick enough to hit those size-building fibers, thus by using bands for the last half of the superset, you may offer your chest the simplest likelihood at most hypertrophy and begin your exercise right with associate awesome pec pump.

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“You ought to be moving this band as quick as you most likely will, however at the same time staying true to your pressing type,” explains Poston.

3.Incline Barbell

 Incline Barbell Press chest workout

PressPoston uses a special exercising weight with a neutral grip for a lot of power and higher management. haven’t got access to one? Hold significant dumbbells with a neutral grip as an alternate exercise.

“While exploitation the neutral grip, specialize in keeping your elbows tucked into your sides,” recommends Poston. “Go all the means down and let the bar hit your chest. On the means up, explode as arduous as you presumably will and offer your chest a massive squeeze at the prime.”

For the slow tempo drop sets, count five seconds on the means down, pause for a beat, then count another five seconds on the means up. you ought to feel the burn in your pectoral as you slow the load down. Pace yourself—draw out the time underneath tension—and get that previous couple of reps!

4.Machine Chest Fly

Machine Chest Fly chest workout

This move permits for a few isolations of the pectoral. Poston has his distinctive type recommendation for machine flies: Keep your chest up and out a way as possible, stretch the chest as you fly, then squeeze into the repetition.

5.Resistance Band Chest Fly

Resistance Band Chest Fly chest workout

The resistance band makes this move a lot of explosive than the machine fly. once you’ve got done your machine flyes, wrap the resistance band around the back of the machine and perform the precise same movement, this point using the band’s physical property to specialize in compression and stretching.

Using the machine and therefore the band together permits you to fill those pics up with the maximum amount blood as possible.

“You have the stability to elevate significant exploitation the machine,” explains Poston. “Then, we have a tendency to add during a band, that has a lot of variety of motion and fewer management, thus you are able to maneuver around and hit the chest workout in best positions to induce a much better pump.”

6.Low Cable Fly

Low Cable Fly chest workout

Set the cables low. Keep your chest high as you squeeze your arms up to chest height.

“When you come back to a peak contraction, i would like to see that chest pumped-up up as high as you possibly will,” urges Poston. “Don’t let that chest sink in!”

Use intermittent stretching to feature a much better pump to the current final chest exercise. for every stretch, hold the handles at the low position and easily move your weight forward to stretch your chest out.

Poston recommends stretching 3-4 times throughout every high-rep set. “My body tends to reply best to stretching every five reps,” he says.

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