Ask The Ageless Lifter: Should I Give Up Bench press?

bench press

Q: I’ve detected plenty Of fully fledged Older Guys cannot (Or Won’t) Bench Press to any extent further because of Shoulder problems, or perhaps simply Fears Of Shoulder problems. is that the Bench merely associate Inherently dangerous Exercise For Older Lifters?

There’s such a lot to mention regarding this topic! 1st, the reverence that the majority guys have for the flat free weight bench press is totally unmerited. It’s positively not a compulsory exercise. removed from it!

Don’t get Pine Tree State wrong; it is a nice exercise (if done properly), however, it does not have any charming superpowers. No exercise is important, this one enclosed, and there area unit several chest-training drills that area unit even as sensible because the bench press, and counting on your state of affairs, they’ll be much better. As I aforementioned in my article “5 Keyways for Mature Lifters,” the first step of lifting from mid-life and on the far side is to be told to reconcile wants with needs.

All that being aforementioned, actually do not suppose the bench press is inherently dangerous to the shoulders. It’s simply that this exercise is only too typically overdone and poorly dead.

A few points the give up the bench press

  1. Do not Press Through Pain
  2. Heat Up Right!
  3. Pause At The Chest
  4. Use an in-depth Grip
  5. Train The Bench Last, Not First

Define the point of give up bench press. So, here’s my fight however you’ll be able to “have your cake and eat it too” once it involves the flat free weight give up bench press:

1. Do not Press Through Pain:-
If the bench press—or any exercise—hurts, stop right away and move to “plan B.” And whereas I am on the topic, if you ever suspect that benching can cause shoulder discomfort, have a thought B able to go before you even hit the gymnasium. What I mean by this can have another exercise able to go—incline dumbbell presses, for instance.

2. Heat Up Right:-
My friend John Rusin, Ph.D., a strength coach and fellow author, has pioneered an amazing band-resisted shoulder preparation that I implement religiously before any and every one pressing sessions. At age 58, I am pressing arduous double per week with no problems any. In fact, I recently hit a collection of ten with 100’s on the flat dumbbell press, at a bodyweight of 194! It takes regarding three minutes to try to, and if it sounds acquainted, that might be as a result of I conjointly talked regarding it in my article “Bench Presses haven’t got to Cause Shoulder Pain.”

3. Pause At The Chest:-
Sloppy, bounce-and-go-style benching is probably going the reason behind most bench-related shoulder wrecks, in my opinion. Guys, let’s get obviate the slop, shall we?

Lower the bar below complete management, pause for one second at the chest, then accelerate the bar back to length. Yes, your numbers can take a small amount of a success at the start, however, your shoulders can feel far better and you may be back to hit new PR’s before you recognize it. My friend Lee Boyce, a fitness author and strength coach, talked regarding this kind of coaching in his article “Stop Maxing Out! elevate this fashion Instead,” and whereas it may be a tough pill for strength-seekers to swallow at the start, they will love however it pays off.

4. Use an in-depth Grip:-
Narrower grips, wherever the elbows area unit a lot of tucked toward the body than a large grip, tend to put the shoulders during a safer position. They conjointly target the striated muscle terribly effectively, as you would possibly understand. But, recent analysis examination shut versus wide grip over that the distinction in chest activation is really pretty minimal between the 2 in 1

Use an in-depth Grip

No, you do not need to go shut all the time. Personally, I sometimes bench wide once per week, and narrower on the second day. however here’s the thing: If I develop any shoulder pain, I ditch the broader grip till it subsides.

A technique note: there is not any have to be compelled to go super slim. simply place your pinkies wherever your index fingers usually hit the bar, or in different words, one hand-width narrower.

5. Train The Bench Last, Not First:-
If you implement the previous suggestions and still struggle with shoulder pain, attempt benching final thing within the exercise. Yes, by that time you will have less energy, however, that is truly a part of the setup. you will be forced to calm down the load and can be less in danger to make it and hurt yourself.

But a lot of significantly, the movements you are doing before benching can function a general preparation, and lots of-of my shoppers have had nice success implementing this terribly straightforward strategy.

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If All Else Fails, Keep Lifting!
One issue I did not embrace here was to concentrate on recuperating at benching, not simply stronger at it. In different words, work thereon arch, finish those scaps, and learn to remain tight. These area units all essential for safe benching, however, they are conjointly simply essential bench cues. If you are not already following them, then it is a matter of once you will hurt yourself, not if.

And if you are attempting all of them on top of with very little or no success, my sole suggestion is to not surrender on pressing entirely. Use any of the big range of terribly effective chest exercises offered to you, together with flat and incline dumbbell presses, flyes, push-ups, dips, decline presses, and varied varieties of machine presses.

Then, freely swap them out into any program that concerns benches. that is one in all the good things regarding my program Total-Body robust in All Access: It will work with any movement, not only one. therein context, the bench press, and every one different moves area unit simply a method to associate end: obtaining stronger, leaner, and healthier.

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